Sunday, December 27, 2009

9 for '09

Dates: December 27th of 2008 through December 27th of 2009

Host: Isabel

For details: Click here.

The challenge (put simply): Read one book from each of nine categories. All books must already be in your TBR pile.

My list:

*The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. (This is for the "long" category. Each participant gets to choose their own definition of is to be longer than one's typical read. But I read books of all different lengths, so I wasn't sure what to choose. Finally went with a book that would have fit in the Chunkster Challenge parameters at 485 pages.)

*News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (This is for the "free" category. I got this one from Paperback Swap.)

*Black Sunday by Thomas Harris (This is for the "dusty" category. I've had this one on my shelves for well over 5 years.)

*Five Past Midnight in Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre and Javier Moro (This is for the "used" category. Bought this used from Amazon.)

*The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier (This is for the "letter" category. For this category, one needs to choose a title that has a letter of one's name in it. I found one that had all the letters of my first name in it.)

*Sleeping With Ward Cleaver by Jenny Gardiner (This is for the "strange" category. Chick lit is definitely out of my comfort zone.)

*The Boys in the Trees by Mary Swan. (This is for the "cover" category. I love the cover of this one! Definitely why I picked it up to start with.)

*An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (This is for the "alive or dead" category. For this category, one needs to choose a book by an award winning/award nominated author. The book chosen for the challenge does not necessarily have to be the award winner/nominee.)

*The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost (This is for the "distance" category. For this category, one needs to choose a book set over 1,000 miles from one's home. The South Pacific definitely fits the bill.)


Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

Strange, eh?! Well, I hope you will be pleased with it when you read Sleeping with Ward Cleaver. In some ways it defies categorization, and is far deeper than "chick lit" so not to worry on that end. It's quite funny but it raises a lot of serious issues about marriage and relationships. So enjoy and thanks for putting it on your list, strange or not ;-)

Debi said...

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver,

Oh man, I feel awful! Honestly, I'm not calling the book "strange"! That's just the name of the category for the challenge. The definition of the category is simply reading something out of your comfort zone. I'm actually quite certain I'm going to enjoy the book...I got a wonderful recommendation from someone's whose taste I trust implicitly.

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

Oh, don't feel awful! I was just teasing you! I'm really happy you picked mine as a TBR and hope you'll enjoy it!