Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Unread Authors Challenge

***Hooray! Finish writing up my final book review for this one on February 27...nothing like pushing the limits, huh?***

Dates: September 1st through February 29th

Host: Ariel at Sycorax Pine

For details: Click here.

The Challenge (put simply): Read 6 books by authors you've never read before.

My list (with alternates):

*Ray Bradbury
The Halloween Tree

*Bill Bryson
A Short History of Nearly Everything OR
A Walk in the Woods OR Notes from a Small Island OR In a Sunburned Country

*Trenton Lee Stewart
The Mysterious Benedict Society

*Chuck Palahniuk

*George Orwell
Animal Farm

*Scott Westerfeld

*Brandon Mull

*Alice Sebold
The Lovely Bones

*Terry Prachett
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

*Gabrielle Zevin

*Philip Pullman
The Golden Compass
--I Was a Rat

*Shannon Hale
The Goose Girl

*Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol

*H.G. Wells
The War of the Worlds

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