Thursday, May 1, 2008

Medical Mystery Madness '08

Dates: June 1st through November 1st

Host: Debi

For details: Click here.

The Challenge (put simply): Read at least three medical thrillers.

My list:

*Vanish, by Tess Gerritson

*The Sisterhood, by Michael Palmer

*Shock, by Robin Cook

Afraid I'm not spreading my wings here...three authors I'm already well acquainted with. But if I can manage it (yeah right, who am I kidding?!!), I'd like add a few extras as well. I counted, and in addition to the ones on my list, I have 12 more medical thrillers in my TBR pile.


twiga92 said...

Vanish was really good, I enjoyed it. Not sure if I read Sisterhood or not. I read Shock and the ending is like !!!!????!!!!. Good book.

Karen said...

I've recently read Vanish and I loved it. It was actually my first Tess Gerritsen book but it certainly wont be the last.